Бюллетень » Дубы, Выпуск 2, Лето 2000

Issue No.2, Summer 2000

 In the August of 1999 the first newsletter of the WCER was printed under the title "WCER news". It was printed to announce the founding of the Congress and evince the ideas behind the organization. In the 2nd conference in Telsiai, it was decided to continue the printing of this newsletter. Through a survey, a name was chosen -"The Oaks".
        Many people worship the oak, sturdy and long-lived, just as our ancient faiths. We invite you not only to read our newsletter, but to support it by submitting information and ideas. We shall also await your feedback regarding the newsletter, it's structure, appearance and content.


The 2nd WCER Conference - a complete report by Denis Dornoy
                WCER2 / Ethnic religions - reality and future - speech by Koenraad Loegghe
                WCER2 / Paganism as a Metagrid of the Future - paper by Prof. Lokesh Chandra
                WCER2 / Earth is our Mother - paper by P. Parameswaran
Ukrainian Declaration
Arcana Europa - international fetsival in Spain
Interview with Jormundur Ingi - by Denis Dornoy
Paganism or the rediscovery of Identity - report by Jormundur Ingi
The Pagans' Letter to the Pope - the Committee for the Pope's Millennium Apology
Shinto - report by Michael Strmiska
The Akha People - report by Matthew McDaniel
Do the Gods Exist? - by Michael York

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